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Restore, Reconnect & Receive

Restore, Reconnect & Receive

Welcome to Inner Wellness Coach! As a lifestyle and spiritual coach, the focus is on helping you to gain balance and purpose in all aspects of your life. Together we work to create meaningful goals, and give you the courage and strength to stay on the path to becoming your best self.

A lifestyle and spiritual coach will support you throughout your journey of change. With sessions, as a team we will work through challenges and setbacks and with motivation I will help you to reach your full potential. As a spiritual coach I will help you identify reoccurring problems and help you to look closer at areas in your life where you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled.

Let's get started on your journey to inner wellbeing today!
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I have started my journey of discovery by leaving my home country and traveling to America as an au pair to learn English.. After that I travelled the world and lived in many different places.

I have been immersed in different cultures and different ways of lifes which made me appreciate all we have in our native country and that not everyone is blessed to have all that we have. In my 20s I traveled India and made the acquaintances of the Dalai Lama. This was a life changing experience. The compassion showing in his eyes made me realise that I myself need to work on this trait. Thailand brought me closer on my inner journey to what life entails by learning Traditional Thai massage, Meditation and Yoga. Later on I immersed myself in a different healing system, Traditional Chinese medicine. Traveling to China and working in a hospital treating patients with Acupuncture made it clear to me that the mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. It opened my eyes on how these are all interlinked and different entities within themselves and if you want to be healthy you need to look at your body, mind and soul.

Over the last few years I have been looking into our emotions and how healthy thoughts can bring us health and reoccurring negative thoughts can impact our mental/physical wellbeing and lead to things such as disease. Through my experiences and the courses I have taken I will guide others to find their inner peace by taking their life into their own hands, tackle recurrent problems, conflicts, illness and live their life to the fullest.


A life and spiritual coach will support you through your journey of change, creating a plan that is customised to your specific goal to be put into action. A free initial chat will establish if it is the right path for you. Online consultation available. Sessions run for 60 min.


Healing with Whole Foods is a way of healing through diet. Looking at your diet through evaluation of ones personal condition and various therapeutic properties of food through Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis.


Unlock your potential and discover your life's path with our numerology. Numerology is the science of numbers, your birth date and name determines your unique place in the world. It is laid out like a map of your existence. From calculating your personal numbers, you receive an insight into your life challenges.


In your personal or online consultation we will be working on reaching goals you set yourself in life. Working together on parts you feel stuck with and guiding you through this journey with all the set backs and successes.

Benefits of Coaching

Overcome by fear and self-doubt Stressful life and feeling unable to cope A feeling of not living the career you really want Unsure about in what direction your life is heading Not being able to live your dream Recurring issues in your relationship and workspace Exhaustion and feeling of burnout Illness Finding purpose in life Relationships

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